The AWFUL Files: They “Literally” Fear Their Own Brains

Anglophones Who Figuratively Use Literally


27 February 2012 

Author: Frank Schaeffer


They have literally been conditioned to fear their own brains.

Notes on Admission:

The quote in question introduced a diatribe leveled against the Republican Party. Wanting to solidify his membership into our illustrious club, Schaeffer followed this figurative use of literal with a second effort:

 …Republicans seem to literally come from somewhere else, say another planet.

On the grounds of sufficient evidence (and the exuberance of the applicant), admission is granted.

*AWFUL – Americans Who Figuratively Use Literally is the name of a club originally coined by Roger Tobin. Not wanting to appear too elitist, I’ve changed the name slightly to open club membership to all English speakers. The AWFUL Files serve as the evidential record of a writer’s admission into the club.

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